I have grown up in Bakersfield California most of my life. I am apart of an amazing family, one of love, faith, and learning. My father was a great provider, and an amazing role model. I have 2 older sisters who regularly showed their sisterly love and protected me when needed. My little brother and I fought typical battles trying to out do the other. We were (and are) a happy family, there was nothing we could not do.

Despite my excellent family, there is an outside world that they cannot protect me from. That world found a way to affect me at an early age. At the age of 7 I had an experience at the hand of a friend that changed me. One that I never told and still struggle with. But because of my family and my faith, I started to heal. I knew that God loved me and I was a Child of God. I found solace in scriptures. But, even with that healing, I sunk into depression that went unnoticed until I was 28.

Growing up I knew I felt unhappy and something was wrong. I often would feel a desire to become closer to God, and I often asked for Priesthood blessings. I would do anything I could to make my space a haven, and be near the church or the Temple as often as possible. Those actions saved me when I was most vulnerable. Years later after serving a mission for my church, and getting married, I became pregnant and people started talking about Postpartum Depression , but I still missed the signs and didn't receive help till I had my second child.

I now use everything I have to fight depression. Faith, Family, Yoga, Therapy, and Medicine. I will continue to fight because God loves me, I love my Husband and my two little children, who are sleeping and letting me write this post.

My family is why I started my blog and teaching yoga, they encouraged me to share my stories of my life and hopefully help someone else avoid the heartache that I went through. If you need to talk my email is posted throughout the website.


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