Vera Grace Bell my inspiration

Growing up I always heard of my Great Grandma, Vera Grace Bell. She was an Artist. She painted the most beautiful flowers and butterflies on black glass that glittered and danced. Her watercolors flowed effortlessly throughout the page, and her ink drawings laughed at me as if I could see her smile as she finished the last touches. 

My Vera Grace has always been in my heart. She is the heart of my company, I never met her but I know her. I never could paint, but as my mom always told me I was an artist in my music. There we intertwined our lives, and I felt closer to her. Vera's artwork is the heart, the roots, it Is the tree, of my company and me. 

Vera depending on which language you look at either means Faith, or True. There needs to be a renaissance of Vera in our society- faith and truth- Faith to be able to take charge of your life, be able to advocate for yourself and your family. Find Truth so you can act with correct knowledge and become to whom you aspire. 

My company is 
Rooted with Faith, 
Rooted with Truth. 
Rooted with Grace.


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