Where to Start?

When something major happens I first wonder where do I begin? I think of about 50 ways and try to do all of them at the same time.

That is what happened
  • when I thought I thought I couldn't get pregnant
  • when my babies jumped on my sciatic nerve I nearly fell over when standing 
  • when I realized I did not produce milk to nurse my children
  • when I found that Daniel lost 30% of his hearing due to infections
  • when I found my son has Arnold Chiari Malformation 
  • when I realized I had depression 
  • when I realized Emma has similar speech delays as Daniel
These events are why I am passionate about being an advocate for yourself and your family, and I started this website and blog. I wanted to take some guesswork out of other people's life. This is the same reason why I became a Missionary for my church, a yoga teacher, and co-founded an American Sign Language group. I wanted to help others find answers easier. Make their path simpler than mine.

I specialize in research, and I will use this site to research and have a place to share it.


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