He got distracted

I took Daniel to his 4 year check up. He did not like covering his eye. He kept trying to remove his hand, but he liked the train. He was happy to step on the scale, and see how tall he was, and as always he loves getting his temperature read. Yes we are at the Doctor often.

Time for the hearing test. It started, the nurse told him to raise his hand when he heard a beep. He did, over and over again. Then he stopped. She kept going, and repeated the same one, and almost apologetic told me "he must have gotten distracted, we will do it again," but I knew he wasn't distracted. I asked him to raise his hand if he heard a noise, and he said, " I don't hear anything" now he was annoyed and stopped raising his hand all together. 

He failed his test. He has pus on his ear tube. He gets to take more medication- which he loves, We get to go back to Dr Zerlin, and retake the test. We are going back for another speech evaluation, which we planned on already. And I am aiming to see a Specialist regarding his original Arnold Chiari diagnosis. 

I am so glad we started ASL when he was 1. I am so glad we have been doing Yoga since he was 6 months, I am so glad that he loves to do Legos with me. 

I am so glad that he is my little boy, and that even though there are frustrations in our lives we get to go forward, find things we love and do things together, because sometimes being 4 is hard.

But in the words of my little 4 year old 
"I can do hard things"
3 year old built Toy Story Train Set with adult supervision


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