It is Winter again. Winter in Bakersfield does not bring snow, it does not even bring too much cold. This year we thankfully get rain. But what Winter means to my family is Sickness.

Ever since I was pregnant Winter was a season to be sick all season long, but not for me, for the kids. First it was Daniel with his ear infections, colds, flu, croup. Now Emma; sinus infections, colds, croup.

Just when I  thought we were clear and we could go back out, I took Daniel back in because he woke up one night crying from ear pain, and he has been coughing non stop since he had croup- walking pneumonia- and an ear infection.

And to be on the safe side- and to ease the mind of a Dr office we are visiting I had Emma check for it too, no pneumonia but an ear infection as well.

I don't think I can count the number of prescriptions I have filled of antibiotics I have filled for my children in this last year alone.

One day they will grow out of it and no more sickness!

Off to the ENT!


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