Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sunday, joyful kids. Happy parents. Good day at church with people who love being with us. There is. Nothing better than being around people who want to get to know you.... As I have some musical number in my head now.

Spending time together is always fun. I love watching Emma squirm away from me to get to her Dad. I love watching Daniel race down the hall towards me or Dad. I love seeing him turn and twist to look for his best friend, hoping he is at church, because church isn't the same, and he wants to sit by him.

Family is the basic unit of society, and being at church always reinforces that for me. We come as a family, we sit as a family, we have a chance to learn with friends, then we leave as a family.

I will continue to teach that to my children as they get older, I never want the happiness of seeing Mom and Dad leave their faces, teenage years are allowed to hide it as a show for their friends if needed...... But I will deal with that in years down the road, I guess that is why we are learning ASL right?

Monday, February 1, 2016

Surgery for Emma

I haven't talked about Emma's problems yet, but they mirror Daniel's. Today we got up early and had surgery to place tubes in the ears, remove adnoids, drain behind the ear drums, and rinse the sinuses. The surgery went well, and now we can work on her recovery. Speech therapy, continue ASL, and pray no more sinus infections.

I am lucky to have a great ENT in my town. What I worry about and hate more than surgery is waking up from surgery. That rattles my nerves more than anything.