Laughter at the Allergist

I recently took my kids to have allergy tests. How those went is a rant I'm not willing to post today. We went back this last week for our results. I just knew there would be understanding and relief with the results.

Emma first. She is allergic to cats -she loves cats, dogs -we have 2 large dogs, horses -Daniel rides horses weekly, and dust -we live in Bakersfield. I laughed out loud and rather loudly as the results were read back to me. Her allergies cause congestion in the sinus cavities. Being around all her allergies constantly can and does explain her constant sinus infections. Having her adenoids removed has helped, but she still gets infections. Now I get to come up with a feasible action plan for her, so she is not miserable.

Playing Dad's trumpet
Now Daniel. Cats- again loves cats, environmental mold- explains why he was sick all winter, and weeds- again Bakersfield is in a drought most people have weeds for lawn, including a large portion of ours.

I am opting to try an essential oil blend instead of giving them daily allergy medication. Emma has had such a hard time with constipation that I am currently giving her a lot of apple juice to try to help, and essential oils. I can't imagine what a daily medicine would do to her little digestive system. I am also looking at a good probiotic to help that sweet gut of hers.

Now to come up with an action plan that does not include getting rid of dogs or keeping her inside constantly.


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