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Where to learn ASL

The other month I gave ideas of how you can learn ASL. Now I am going to give you specifics, for the Bakersfield area, the pros and cons of each location/ modality and the total cost that each option offers.

I have been trying to learn ASL for about 5 years now, after having taken a class about 15 years ago in High School, and kicking myself for not taking it in College. So now a mother of 3 I have been trying to find the best way to learn ASL. I have studied the different modalities for the last 3 years and this is what I have come up with, for Bakersfield specifically.
1. BC classes - $968+ books
    - ASL 1-4: (4 credits each at $46/unit (if resident of CA) +$13 Health care +$4 Student Center + $1 Student Rep +$40 Parking (optional)) 4= $968
   - In person classes
   - Local teachers well known in Deaf community in Bakersfield, local signs
   - on East Side, commute 2 days a week. Class offering times get limited the higher you go
2. Eissler - $25 - cash only
  - Parent organizati…

Yoga at home

The best way to learn a new art is practice. I will be the first to admit attending yoga classes can be expensive. It is one reason why I started teaching. But you do need to attend classes with a well trained teacher to learn the art of yoga, and so you don't hurt yourself, or create bad habits.

So let's say you attend class once a week. My class on Tues nights is a great place to start 😜. Then, at the beginning, pick 2 other days a week, find a place in your house, and practice what we did in class. If you want I will write out the sequence... hint we will do the 5 poses I explained here, plus a few seated.

It is like my band teacher in elementary school always said, "practice makes permanent" if you practice something wrong you will always do it wrong. If you come to class once or twice a week, then practice at home what we covered in class you won't learn bad habits and I promise you will see yourself grow immensely in your yoga practice.

2018 here I come

Back to basics. These previous 5 poses have been my standing poses for the two months. They are the bedrock of my practice and have rebuilt my practice. They are what I will be teaching my students in March. I am amazed at how strong I feel and how quickly my practice is coming back with only doing these 5 poses standing poses each night.

As my practice builds so does my voice and confidence. I have seen my Senior Teacher. The first time I taught in front of her was... well rough to put it nicely. I had just started practicing the week before. I felt weak and my voice was unsure if it could teach again. Then my teacher in Bakersfield gave me another chance to help her teach. My voice started weary, but found its rhythm. I felt the desire to teach again, and I knew that my body would come along.

A few weeks ago I went back to San Diego to see my Senior Teacher again. Again the first time I taught was shaky, but better, but the second time I knew I taught well. I felt as if the room was…