Yoga at home

My home practice area, with my daughter's mat
The best way to learn a new art is practice. I will be the first to admit attending yoga classes can be expensive. It is one reason why I started teaching. But you do need to attend classes with a well trained teacher to learn the art of yoga, and so you don't hurt yourself, or create bad habits.

So let's say you attend class once a week. My class on Tues nights is a great place to start 😜. Then, at the beginning, pick 2 other days a week, find a place in your house, and practice what we did in class. If you want I will write out the sequence... hint we will do the 5 poses I explained here, plus a few seated.

It is like my band teacher in elementary school always said, "practice makes permanent" if you practice something wrong you will always do it wrong. If you come to class once or twice a week, then practice at home what we covered in class you won't learn bad habits and I promise you will see yourself grow immensely in your yoga practice.


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