My oils in my Life

So I have resulted in carrying oils in my purse, and this weekend could have used more. We went to the BYU football game, beautiful day, but a bit more sunny than I was prepared for. I was thinking it would be cold, so I did not think of sunblock. My whole family got a bit burned. I wanted my lavender oil. The one major oil that I usually keep with me I did not have.

Lavender helps heal burns, it would have kept the sting off of the sun burn for the kids. So that is the next oil to go in my bag.

I also got nausea on the drive back from Utah, happily I had peppermint in my bag- which was my saving grace during my assessment.

Before my Utah trip I got a cold, so I used my thieves spray and my RC to get rid of my cold ASAP. It always amazes me how quickly I can get over a cold when I pair the two up. Thieves cuts through the mucus in my throat, and RC clears up the sinuses.

Those are my essentials. I keep them close to me and make sure my husband has a set with him as well. I also joked and teased my husband as we drove by Mona Utah that we needed to stop by and get some Lavender for the kids and take a tour of their distillery. Maybe if we were not on such a time crunch.... next Utah trip we will visit the Young Living Farm.

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