The Red King

Introducing, "The Red King". by Great Aunt Mabel Hutchinson. The perfect size for my small house.

It is a carpentry sculpture made in 1963 that she created from scraps of wood, like the picture of her working on a piece below. She made all sorts of furniture and one of her Doors, done in this fashion was even in an International Door Exhibit in Europe. 

The last month my mom and dad emptied out my grandma Barbara's storage shed in Tehachapi. It was like a treasure chest. Furniture from the 50's-70's, artwork, books, and family heirlooms. This sculpture/ totem was hidden away and I was fortunate enough to receive it. 

My Great Aunt Mabel was an artist, apparently skipped me, as much as I would love to be an artist I did not get that talent. but I have hope for my children. Mabel worked in  watercolors and carpentry. I grew up with one of her tables, large, heavy and ornate. It was something I loved to look at. And marveled at her talent, I had no idea how much she made or how well known she was until recently. I feel honored to have her work in my house.  


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