Where to go from here

I am now a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher. As my husband asked me so nicely asked me, so what?

Well that is a great question. Becoming Certified means I can actually call myself an Iyengar Certified Teacher and use their Logo. It comes with great pride, and validates who I am as a teacher.

But where do I go from here?
What I really want to be able to do is teach Prenatal Yoga and ASL Yoga, with the understanding that I would become an ASL Interpreter, or work within the Deaf Community. I really like the idea of helping families know, understand and choose educational goals that will help their children succeed.

I would like to see Iyengar Yoga visible within in the Deaf community, make ASL yoga videos to put on YouTube, my website, and on my blog. Iyengar Yoga is such a powerful tool to heal the body and mind that it is not just a work out. Although I did lose all of my baby weight doing solely Iyengar Yoga, it is not an easy work out.

While the kids are young I would like to work for a virtual interpreting company, where you interpret over a camera. That way I can work remotely, that is such a huge pull for me. It is one reason why I love working for Inspire Charter School. The other being that the school empowers families, staff and businesses to help the students to succeed I could not resist handing in my resume and begging to work for this company.

Maybe after my children are all established at school I will go to more traditional  interpreting position, or find that job that will allow me to serve those vulnerable in the Deaf community, our children. Without a real grasp on a 1st language their ability to succeed lessens, I want families to know what resources are available to them. But finding this job, may take some creative searching.

In the next few years, after I have been able to focus on learning ASL my attention will be able to turn back to going up for my next assessment. I have to wait 2 years before I can go up. I will probably wait 3, to give my family some breathing room. Once becoming a Junior 1, I wait another year (or 2) to become a Junior 2 and then I can finally teach pre-natal Yoga. Bakersfield needs a good pre-natal yoga teacher, and I loved being pregnant and doing yoga, so why not me? This is my goal for yoga. I can teach pre-natal classes at Yoga Space and at Doctor offices around town.

My road is not yet finished, it has just started. For the next 5 years I will be studying, learning, and preparing to help those that live in and around Bakersfield CA.


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