Children's yoga and Katie's Karate Class

Once a month I get to teach a children's yoga class as part of an art cooperative program. The class is small, but fun to do. I have to be creative in how I teach and make sure I am presenting my material in almost a non yogic way, as I know some parents have concerns about yoga. So all poses are talked about in Animal, shapes, nature names. We count while we hold poses, and just as we do in my adult classes we have a focus for the class, but there is nothing to stop us from throwing in a few back bends to our standing pose class. :)

I want to teach more children yoga classes but they are hard to teach with my little ones in the way, hopefully as the kids get older I will be able to teach more of them.

katies-karate-class coverI was approached this week about writing a review about a new children's yoga book. I LOVE children's yoga books. I think I have 4 or 5 in my house. I am very picky, I want the story to flow about yoga, and I want to see poses that make a good sequence that my family can practice. I also want pictures that show poses accurately.

I know, I am easy to please right? Well this book was very cute.

I was a little skeptical at first, ok very skeptical at how the Karate and yoga would work together. To me Yoga is yoga. Not pilates, not power yoga, not hot yoga. But the story was very well written and very cute. It tells of a little girl who is scared to start something new, and she uses the comfort of her yoga to give her the confidence to try it.

There are not many poses shown, so I would not buy this book for a sequencing book, but rather a book that shows how yoga can influence other aspects of our lives. The few poses that are included are basic, and the pictures are appropriate.

Overall I would not buy this book myself, as it is not what I am looking for in a yoga book, but it is a really cute book that fills other needs.


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