Gaze to the past and present

Today I did a photo shoot with Paula and it brought back so many memories. Memories of Tuesday morning practices with Paula, practices with my babies, doing other promotional shoots for her, and fun shoots with my kids, which means not all of these poses have perfect alignment, but I chose these for the emotions they evoke. I wanted to put up some of my favorite pictures through the years that have been caught on camera.

Daniel came over and sat on me when I was a few months pregnant with Emma 

Paula had a photographer come out and take some pictures for the studio, we ended up having some fun with some poses.

 Daniel loves to sit on my bolster and pretend it is a Train. 

I loved doing headstand while pregnant. 

Carolyn Belko helped me all throughout my pregnancy with Emma. This was one of my favorite poses to be in.

Emma came out practically knowing what yoga props were. 

 We had a makeshift yoga photo session with the two kids one day. There is nothing more fun than playing with the kids.

 It was a snowy day in DC when we had finally finished shoveling all the snow I decided to measure the snow in my own special way.
 Yoga while pregnant with Michael. One of my best Adho Mukha Svanasana.           
                                                                                                                                                               The kids like to make things, today was a train.

Bringing babies to see Carolyn has always been a highlight of my yoga career. I will miss it.

 Yoga isn't always this cute, but when it is you have to have a picture. 

 This is the first time I have been able to do this pose in years. I was very excited to have this pose back in my sequencing!
The kids often play with me as they wait for their dad and my yoga class to start!

Emma's behind the scenes today!


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