When to and when not to do yoga

Yoga is so therapeutic that there is hardly a time to not do yoga. But there is clearly a line, if you have a fever stay off your mat, hydrate and rest. I am reflecting on this as my little ones have been sick these past few weeks.

For just about every other condition do yoga. Some conditions require the assistance and guidance of a more qualified teacher that you will need to seek out, such as cancer patients, pregnancy, rehabilitating an injury, or coming back from a surgery. Take time to look up the most qualified Iyengar Yoga Teacher in your area for these concerns.

But, if you have a cold, sore neck, old injury, or a mental disorder such as depression, get on your yoga mat. Some times that is easier said than done. I can attest to that, it is much more comfy to sit on my couch and read about yoga than to practice when I hurt or when my depression is really acting up, but I have to remind myself that even starting with a 15 minute practice will make me feel better, and hopefully will turn into a full practice.

Each yoga pose has therapeutic benefits. A well trained teacher can guide you to the poses that you need for your specific needs, and a well practiced practitioner has experienced and learned them enough to establish a sequence at home to create the needed benefits for their own body.

So unless you have a fever, stay on your mat and practice your body will thank you.


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