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Little Yogi

I step onto my mat determined to be Someone new off the mat, someone I’ve yet to see
A mountain is never changing strong and tall I stand and imagine myself growing taller than my wall
Moving into triangle pose I become a shape I know I see them in my body I draw them in the snow.

Next my friends warriors one two and three Challenge me to conquer, to be brave and free.
As a playful dog I come to lift my hips up high Relax my head and awaken my soul to again try...
To kick into headstand with will power so great Confidence boosted, focused, my legs ever straight
Sitting now, balancing as a boat steady sturdy and strong Feeling my confidence lifted I can do no wrong
Relaxed a little I stretch my legs in front of me Back straight as a staff, I breath carefree.
Then sit as a butterfly with feet on the ground, A graceful creature ever changing resting right now.
As a candle’s flame is supported by the wax underneath My arms lift my body up, toes upward as I quietly breathe.
Lastly I lie down thinkin