Salamba Sarvangasana on the Chair

Salamba Sarvangasana in Chair

Supported shoulder stand in chair
Inverted pose
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Key Benefits
  • Panacea for most common ailments
  • Bathes endocrine organs, ductless glands in blood- thyroid and parathyroid venous blood flows to heard wit h no strain
  • Healthy blood circulates around neck and chest, suffering from breathlessness, palpitation, asthma, bronchitis, throat ailments get relief
  • Nerves are soothed, headaches disappear
  • Eradicates common colds and nasal disturbances
  • Hypertension, irritation, shortness of temper nervous breakdown, insomnia are relieved
  • Bowels move freely constipation vanishes, system is freed of toxins one feels full of of energy
  • Recommended for urinary disorder,uterine displacement, menstrual troubles, piles and hernia
  • Relieve epilepsy, low vitality, anemia
  • Feel new vigor and strength and be happy and confident, new lift will flow to him
  • Activates abdominal organs, relieves suffering from stomach and intestinal ulcers, severe pains from abdomen and colitis
How to get into Salamba Sarvangasana 
  1. Have chair near the wall. Sit in chair with knees over the bar of the chair. 
  2. Hook your ankles against the bar of the chair and start to lower yourself down the chair curling your back as you go down letting your hands go down the bar of the chair till you touch the bolster or blankets.  
  3. Roll your shoulders under and take your arms to the inside back bar of the chair
  4. Straighten your legs
  5. To come out lower your feet to the bar of the chair and slide down the seat of the chair till only your legs rest on the seat of the chair. 
Key Point
  1. Press the outer shoulders down and move them towards the elbow as you take the shoulder blades in and broaden the chest.
  2. Coil and lift the armpit chest
  3. Roll the thighs from outside in, take the thighs back and take the tailbone in as you extend  the inner legs to the inner heels.
  4. Lengthen the sides of the chest from the armpits to the hips and the the outer hips in.
  5. Be sure the extensionof the legs reaches the feet  and open the mounds of the toes.
  6. Relax the neck, face and jaw as you look forwards the chest.


  • lower the lower the legs so they rest on the wall. 


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