Urdhva Hastasana

Urdhva Hastasana

Upward hand pose
Standing pose

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Key Benefits
  • One can feel lighter in the body and mind
  • acquires agility
  • For an alert body and alert mind and brain
How to get into Urdhva Hastasana
  1. Stand in Tadasana with arms extended by the sides, palms facing the thighs, shoulders rolling back as well as down.
  2. Exhale, extend the arms straight forward and above the head the upper arm should be in in line with the ears, palms facing each other
Key Point

  1. Extend from the inner arms to the inner wrists
  2. Squeeze the biceps and triceps together
  3. Keep the shoulders away from the ears and spread the collarbones

  • lower the arms so they are straight


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