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Practice with Children

For the first 3 years of my Child life my yoga is my kids. That is what BKS Iyengar once said. Not to me, but was repeated to me from my teacher Carolyn Belko. So everything else I do on top of that is extra credit right? That is good because adding in an hour or hour and a half of yoga every day is hard with children. There is no good way to do it.

Best way during the day, hire someone to keep the kids occupied. I'm serious. Kids are naturally very interested in yoga. Mom is bending this way and that, she is going upside down, is a great time to copy mom and try to get her attention.

If you can't hire a babysitter for the kids, try an in house Mom's helper, they are cheaper, but still honestly how many of us can? I tried having my kids come with me to Inshape and have them be in the kids area.... ya we have gone maybe 2x since I have done that. If I do that every day then the few hours they get with me after school would be spent at the gym, and I don't want that, on …