Monday, July 23, 2018


I am so excited that I have this beautiful new logo. I have updated my website. I am going to Teacher Training with Carolyn Belko in a month, and I am teaching at new locations around town. I am also on new ways of treating my depression. I am excited. Now if only my physical Yoga Shed could blossom and become a reality. I know that will take a while, but soon I know it will happen.

The past few years have been a dream. Spending so much time working on becoming a yoga teacher and now achieving that I can work on being a yoga teacher and what that means. I can build myself up, I can work on being a good teacher and helping the students who walk through my doors. Even if that means teaching new students every week, that means new students learn something new about their body every time they step into my class. And I love that.

My teaching journey is just beginning. I will find new places to teach, I will continue to reach out to people and try to help them learn about the benefits of yoga for themselves.