Hormones have woken up!

For the last almost 3 years now I have been fighting with my hormones. Since I had Michael they refused to come back to normal. I have been seeing a specialist, which about 5 people have told me to see her, and so far treatments were OK, but honestly not getting me results that I needed. We were pretty sure that my hormone issues were connected to my depression.

About 1.5 months ago we tried our last ditch effort. I had tried the creams, pills, oils, patch, and lozenges, nothing was working with my body. So now we were going to do the shot. I also wised up and decided to lean in and get in touch with Bobby Clennell, an Intermediate Senior II Iyengar Yoga teacher, meaning she has been trained by Mr. Iyengar and his children multiple times. She is a beautiful artist, and is the author of my daughter's favorite book, "Watch me do Yoga",  and she has studied the female body and how it works so intensely that I knew she would know what to do to help me.

I reached out to her, I explained my situation, told her I am a fellow teacher and that my daughter loves her book. She not only wrote me back, from NY, but took time to find a sequence that will help my hormone output increase. She made me promise to do it everyday. I have worked hard to keep that promise, and the results are showing it. She asked me to keep her updated on how things were going, and as I do so I get quick responses from her. I feel so blessed that I was inspired to include her in my treatment plan.

A few weeks ago I asked my PCP to do a full blood work up on me, including hormones, now I thought I was clear and indicated that I wanted estradiol, progesterone, and testosterone checked, evidently not- but what they did check and came back with was so positive! Both of my hormone markers did not put up any flags! They looked low to me, but they were not considered low by the lab.

Yes, I think the estrogen is helping, but there are more hormones in your body than just estrogen, and I am only taking estrogen right now. I am going to do another lab test and see what my other hormone levels are at.

I am so grateful for medicine, and people who use knowledge to find ways to help heal the body in different ways. When I told my OB I wanted to check my hormones he told me no, and even if they are off we will just put you on birth control. So I have not gone back to him since. Now I have bio-identical hormones and a healthy practice that uplifts my soul.


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