Setu bandha Sarvangasana on bricks

Setu bandha Sarvangasana on Bricks

Whole body bridge pose on Bricks
Restorative pose

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Key Benefits
  • relieves backache and strengthens back muscles
  • rejuvenates pelvic area
  • curative in conditions of inferiority complex, unsteady mental condition in menopause and high blood pressure
  • good for hot flashes
How to get into Setu bandha Sarvangasana
  1. Sit down,belt your top center top thigh and lie back. Bend your knees and have your feet flat on the floor. Near a wall
  2. Take the first brick place it at whichever level you are comfortable with and set it under your sacrum, just a little lower than your hips. 
  3. Then straighten your legs, place them on the same height as the brick under your sacrum and touching a wall.
  4. Take the arms out to the sides and roll the shoulders under opening the chest. 
  5. To exit take your feet off the wall brick and bend your knees. Lift your hips off the other brick and extend the spine towards the hamstrings as you come to the floor. 
  6. Take the belt off and roll to the side to come up. 
Key Point
  1. Press into the heels and move the tailbone towards the hamstrings as you roll the thighs towards on another.
  2. Open the chest and spread the collarbones

  • Add support for the head. 
  • use a bench or cross bolsters


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