Sibling Yoga

I'm a tree standing tall
Your a tree upside down on the wall

We can both be dogs if I put my hands and feet on my mat
While you put your feet upon my back

Sister as airplanes soar stick out your arms and fly
No, I'd rather be superman zooming through the sky

Stand up, twist the body stay on one leg as an eagle,
look ahead, keep the head up and be calm and regal.

I turned into a candlestick to help light up your way,
Brother, when your with me I always see clear as day.

Can we be camels, and see the world from upside down?
It would be great be fun to have a camel to roam with around town.

Look, look the dogs are doing yoga, just like we were they are following us you see?
I'll stand straight and tall, now look, did they follow me?

Sit down on the floor sit really really long
Stick your legs out in front of you and sing your favorite song.

Time to sit thoughtfully,
bring both legs in and count quietly,
We close our eyes and meditate,
so the world flows peacefully,

Lastly lay back on the floor and put your legs against a wall.
Close your eyes and thank your sibling,
For the time spent together is best of all.


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