Why to start

So most people have been told by someone, "You should try yoga" Doctors, friends, maybe family has suggested it to you. But you are just at a hard NO.

  •  No I don't want to go inside a studio/ be around people
  • No, I don't want someone to see how tight I am, I can't touch the floor (A lot of yogis can't FYI) 
  • No it is too expensive
  • No, I want to bother a teacher, I'll get a DVD, or a book and do it at home- I'll share my story about those later
  • No it is uncomfortable staring at myself in a mirror
  • No I am too injured
  • No I will look silly in class, everyone will stare at me (everyone thinks that, so everyone keeps their eyes on themselves)
Did I cover all the excuses? Right, then how to we move through them? Some people, and I am one of these type of people, say "I can do hard things" show up and jump right in. For me that is doable. But I have friends who have severe anxiety around other people. Going to a studio is terrifying for them, although yoga is great with anxiety. 

In our day and age we focus so much on our bodies. Unfortunately this is also starting to occur in yoga as well. There are different sects of yoga that are the "get sexy" yoga. I am not saying they are not good or wont work, I don't know I have never taken a class in their studios, but they are not there to heal and help your body progress to the next level, beyond "hot". A strong yoga body does not mean a skinny body. I have seen too many senior teachers to know that. A strong yoga body is that, strong, it is able to carry you, hold you, sustain you through all trials life has, and when it gets hurt, your body knows how to recover. You are never to injured to come to a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher. Oh and because we don't focus on getting "hot" we have no mirrors. 

Expense is a hard one to get over. I have tried to offer free classes and no one shows up. I am currently offering privates at a ridiculously low rate because I am hoping if you pay something then you will feel committed to practice and continue. If your choice is a book or me, or a DVD or me. Come to one session of me. Let me give you your own personal sequence based on what you want to see in your body and you can work on that sequence till you are ready to move on to another one. But a book or DVD/ streaming won't teach you the same things a teacher can. I have done it, and I know the difference. Being in person is 1000% better than streaming, even streaming a live class. You can't beat a living teacher next to you. 

So how do you pay? Well there are great options. Health Savings Account will allow you to pay for yoga- because it is health related, so if you have a health savings account tap into that. Check your insurance and see if you get a prescription from your doctor if your insurance will cover it. You will need to make sure the teacher or studio will work with insurance agencies. Lastly if you really can't afford the classes try to make a trade. I started teaching to pay for my yoga. Now my teaching doesn't pay for all my yoga, but it was how I was able to start. So ask around. My mom cleaned our dance studio to pay for dance lessons for 3 girls. 

If you are ready to try I can be there to take that first step with you. If that is as a teacher or as a friend, I will be your biggest cheerleader. Find what is your reason why you haven't started and see what can be done about it. 


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