Dropback accomplished!

Ok ok, I know I said that yesterday I did it, but today I really did it. I even stood up out of it!

I was doing my hormone sequence as usual when I noted on Ustrasana (Camel) it is incorrect to lean back to bring your arms to your feet, it is all in the upper back and the weight stays in the thighs/ knees. Then I remembered about that You Tube video that I watched yesterday, where she said the weight needs to be in the legs, and I saw that even when her arms were extended back the weight was still in her legs. That was never the case with mine yesterday.

So armed with this understanding, I started to prep for the dropback again. It did not take long, and there was no falling over today, luckily because I don't need another mark on my back, I was able to go into and out of the pose on the chair. I'll let you see the video I made tonight. It is not perfect, but it shows where I am going.

And I am not sure if I thank OCD for repeatedly telling me I did not do a dropback yesterday, or just ignore that part of my mental health.


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