Growing up

This poem is for my big 2nd grader who started school today! I love you Daniel. I hope everyone enjoys it.

Get in get in the car you say, 
Hurry up we’re on our way
Climb up, 
Shut the door
That’s what you are looking for. 

Out the door go on today
Now we have time to play
Line up
Count to ten 
Run and hide we play again

Teacher teacher help me out
I lost my tooth i do not doubt
Smile now
Check the floor
Look right here I lost three more

Sit down right now next to me
Open your lunch and we’ll see
Who trades
Then we eat
Look my mom sent me a treat

I’m going home now on the bus
brought my pack now that’s a plus
Sit down
Wait to go
I’m by my friends I’ll say hello

Mother brother where are you
I’ve come right home to see you two,
Hug me 
Hear my day
First day of school was hip hooray


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