Take a chance

So today I was doing my hormone sequence and all I could think about was a short YouTube video of a yogi doing Drop backs into backbend. It was beautiful. That is one of my yoga goals. But I have always been afraid of doing it and hurting myself.

But as I was in Ustrasana, and reaching back for my feet I realized this is similar to how I would start the drop back.... and then a faint recollection of words from Mr. Iyengar's words when I was learning headstand in the middle of the room,

"The best w ay to overcome fear is to face with equanimity the situation of which one is afraid. Then one gets the correct perspective, and one is not frightened any more. To topple over whil learning the head stand is not as terrible as we imagine"

With that in my mind I remembered my first fall in headstand. It wasn't too bad, and I looked around, where could I make this pose a little easier? We have an ottoman about 2.5 ft tall. Perfect. I took my mat went over there and tried.... almost succeeded. Learned my mistake and tried again. I did it! I did a drop back!

But it was only to the ottoman, so it doesn't count.... yea mental health issues. So I had to next try the floor..... why I jumped from something 2.5 ft off the floor to the floor I dont know. But I did. I told myself this is a leap of faith, I got prepared, went back, and fell on my head. It didn't hurt to bad. I was glad I was on carpet. So I picked myself up and tried again, learning from the first time, better, but I still fell. Third time's the charm.... hey maybe this time I will put my hands on a bolster, give me a little more height. Yes I was thinking.... no.... bad thought. My head hit the bolster before my arms hit the floor! I was done, but not defeated.

I went back to the ottoman, did another drop back on the ottoman and called it a success. I'm calling you out OCD, I did a Drop back today and I am not going to question it!


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