On Monday I head to UCLA for OCD treatment. It has been interesting the last 8 months I have been really struggling with my OCD. I was diagnosed with it just under a year ago, but as my knowledge continues to grow about this mental health issue I realize how long I have been suffering from this as a child, to teenage years to college and on my mission. 

It really has hit me hard this last week how much of my life has been encompassed by this illness. There is never a break with this.

But on Monday I will leave for 6 weeks to do nothing but have therapy, go to the Temple, do yoga, and go on walks with my momma. It sounds so nice and perfect. But I know it will be some of the hardest work I will be doing in my life.

I may need a lot of Dr. Peppers to get me through this. So far I am down to 1 or 2 a day, and that is HUGE to what I was doing a few months ago.


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