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Emma' s poem

So Emma evidently enjoys that I write  yoga poems, and told me yesterday that she wrote her own and I had to record it. She is so cute . It reminds me why I teach them yoga and why I have been sharing my poems- so my kids can learn in a creative environment and learn how to express themselves in healthy ways.

Then Michael got in on the action. He was enjoying Emma's poem too.

Little Yogi

Here is another version of my yoga pose poem. This one is titled "Little Yogi"

I start with standing tall as a mountain reminding  me to be still and not shrink. It is time to start my practice drink from this fountain. 

Then I move to be a triangle, one that I create I take my body and notice shapes around me Naturally born from mother earth upon these I meditate

I jump to be all the Warriors one, two and three.  Each one is a challenge but I calm my face and remember I am able to conquer all hard things that come to me. 

Downward dog makes me laugh as my dog joins in this pose We both stretch from the ground to the sky And I love to take time to smell a rose. 

I become a downward tree by coming up to a handstand.  I extend my arms away and I see the world upside down Now I feel invincible upon all the land.  

Next balance like a boat on the water, legs in the air Be still in my practice, still in my mind don't waiver,  Don’t overturn my little boat keep afloat stay up there.

Sit up strai…

Need kids to meditate? Try this

As part of yoga we meditate. I wrote this to help my kids learn a form of meditation.
Dogi duke stands at the front of the class Today we are going to sit on the  grass We will cross our legs to let our minds fly To teach them to calm and how to soar high
Close your eyes and soften the face  Sit tall from your head down to your base Relax the neck and take the shoulders down And do not worry if you have a frown
Gather your thoughts and Relax your mind,  then let it be empty so your ready to find A peaceful place one to explore,  As you breathe in be ready for more 
As you begin see a light grow Look around what do you know? Are there lots of colors to fill your sight Or is it all just  black and white?
Do the colors form shapes, as they come into sight? Are they round, solid, or fuzzy, and light? The breeze that throws your hair back To play,  does it dance? Does it whisper? What does it say?
Did you catch the scent that flew on the breeze, Lavender, mint, or maybe the seas?

New Schedule

I am excited in 10 days I get to start my new schedule! Come and visit me at InShape or contact me for a class here at the house.

Monday 9:30am Oswell Tuesday 8-11 Home Wednesday 8-11  Home Thursday 8-11 Home                             7:35pm Riverlakes Friday 8-11 Home

Tantrum anyone?

I got to come home a little early this last week and do some therapy from home. It was really nice to be able to apply what I am learning and see how it reacts in real life. Well real life happened and I didn't fail, and I did finish up my poem inspired by my kids.

Grumpy Grumpy Fussy Monkey
started the day all wrong
his covers fell off
he had a slight cough
so his plans went so long

Grumpy Grumpy Fussy Monkey
stormed into the kitchen to eat
he had to just stare
his favorite chair
was now just a broken seat

Life isn't fair
And no one here cares
Is all what he had to say

Grumpy Grumpy Fussy Monkey
said maybe I can read
the books stood high
but thought he could spy
the favorite that he needs

Grumpy Grumpy Fussy Monkey
howled and hit the ground
his book was not there
he pulled at his hair
and stomped his loudest sound.

Life isn't fair
And no one here cares
Is all what he had to say

Grumpy Grumpy Fussy Monkey
just sat and wiped his eyes.
why couldn't he be
a happier me
He …

I want to start.... but how?

When I would spend a lot of time at The Yoga Space in Bakersfield, CA I heard lots of questions and concerns about yoga.
1. What class should I start with?  Check with the studio and see what classes are offered. Typically there are  Restorative, Typically slow paced class good for anyone with medical conditions and beginnersLevel 1- beginner, perfect class to start with. Standing poses, seated poses, and beginning inversions are taught.  Level 1/2, Typically you know shoulder stand, and looking to go deeper into your practiceLevel 2 - advanced, Not for beginners, typically at least 6 months of regular practice. Either can or preparing to do a headstand- against a wall. All levels , this class is a generalized class with poses that are good for beginners, and includes poses that will begin to deepen your practice. Always good for a beginner.   Each class has a focus and a purpose. Don't go to a restorative class expecting to constantly be moving. You will often find yourself holdin…

How to be a great parent

My Psychologist challenged me to write an article on being a good mom. This is not the easiest thing for me because I often feel I fall way short of a good parent. But over the last few weeks my views have been challenged and I'm trying to define what is a good parent.

Lets start with the very basics. A good parent provides food, clothes, shelter, care, and love. That sounds pretty easy doesn't it? We all have seen the meme's on facebook. "When I was a child all my mom had to do was clothe, feed, and have a place to stay. Now the list is endless. "

So if you were a good parent then, you are what a grandparent now? Great. They get to be the awesome parent and grandparent to your kids. How about you? Can we live by the same standards they did? Can I go back to when my mom was raising me and utilize her standards to see if I can be a good mom?

Lets see...

Are you kids fed, do they have clothes? Do you do your best to put shelter over their head (all kinds, temporary…

The best yoga pose

What is the best yoga pose?

Well that depends, what do you want to accomplish? Do you want to de- stress from the day? Do you want to feel empowered? Why are you practicing at this time? Because, every yoga pose could be the best. So find what is your reason for practicing that day and ask what pose will bring that awareness that emotion to your body.
 Let me explain.

When I was pregnant and had sciatica down both legs, Adho Mukha Svanasana (downward facing dog) was the best pose for me because it lengthened my torso and when I did it on the Yoga Wall, I had amazing traction as well. I loved this pose.

When I was in training to become a teacher, Utthita Trickonasana was the best yoga pose. It is a foundational pose that should be done in most classes, and though it looks easy there are so many subtleties that can be worked on. Being able to know these little adjustments and show them in the pose helped me show my Senior Iyengar Teachers that I was qualified to be an Instructor.

What i…

Always Learning

There are things I love about Iyengar Yoga. You are always a student, and there is more than 1 right way to do something. We often get caught up in how 'our teacher' teaches a pose that when we go to a new teacher it feels uncomfortable.

It is in that moment that we are able to grow. our teachers a certified, well trained by others who have years of knowledge and practice. Just because a teacher shows you her 'preferred' way does not mean every teacher will do the same.

I remember being in DC and going to John Schumacher's class. We were doing Upavistha Konasana and we put the blanket so the corner came between our legs. I had never been taught that before, and when I showed a teacher out here she was just as surprised.

Well this last week I learned a new way of doing headstand. It is different than how I have been taught for the last 7 years, but according to Patricia Walden this is how they do it in Pune, India. Has the method changed? Many times, does it mean I …

For Daniel

I have been thinking a lot about Daniel this year, he is turning eight years old in January. I am excited to see how he has grown and gained a testimony of Jesus Christ. I wrote this poem for him.

I’m turning 8 this year Mom and Dad have great cheer
I’ve learned to walk I’ve learned to run I’ve learned to fall I’ve learned life is fun

I’m going to be 8 this year The next step is so clear
You taught me to read You taught me to write You taught me to believe You taught me what’s right.
I’m excited to be 8 this year Please don’t shed a tear
I know God lives I know  God cares I know God loves me I know I’m prepared
So when I turn 8 this year I’ll take the step there is no fear
I’ll walk in God’s path I’ll follow God’s light I’ll go and be baptized
I’ll be confirmed in whit

UCLA update

I have been going to UCLA for 3 weeks now, focusing on my OCD treatment. There have been many blessings about going and many heartaches.

One of the blessings has been my Psychologist. She is empathetic, kind, understands the importance of religion in my life and how OCD messes with that, and she works with me on my level. I believe I was put with her for these reasons. I am very grateful.

The other blessings include going to spend every day for 6 weeks with my mother. For those who do not know her, she is amazing and a strength to me in every way. Having her here helps lift me up when times are hard and she knows how to give support when needed, like coming to yoga classes 2x a week and attending the temple every day or twice a day so we can do my 'homework' for the program or just endowments for our relatives.

Therapy is interesting. The whole  goal of therapy is to make me feel uncomfortable, agitated, and anxious and then make me sit through that anxiety till the anxiety lo…