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How I was 
There are things I love about Iyengar Yoga. You are always a student, and there is more than 1 right way to do something. We often get caught up in how 'our teacher' teaches a pose that when we go to a new teacher it feels uncomfortable.

It is in that moment that we are able to grow. our teachers a certified, well trained by others who have years of knowledge and practice. Just because a teacher shows you her 'preferred' way does not mean every teacher will do the same.

I remember being in DC and going to John Schumacher's class. We were doing Upavistha Konasana and we put the blanket so the corner came between our legs. I had never been taught that before, and when I showed a teacher out here she was just as surprised.

Well this last week I learned a new way of doing headstand. It is different than how I have been taught for the last 7 years, but according to Patricia Walden this is how they do it in Pune, India. Has the method changed? Many times, does it mean I am wrong? No. It is just a way to continue to learn.

The first two pictures show how I have been taught and how I teach going up into headstand. You keep the back of the head touching the base of the thumbs and there is space between your head and you fingers.

What I was just taught, is your whole hand goes against the head, with the pinkies tucked under, almost as a little stop for your head.

New method
They both work, I will continue to teach the way I was taught until I can master this new way.


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