For Daniel

I have been thinking a lot about Daniel this year, he is turning eight years old in January. I am excited to see how he has grown and gained a testimony of Jesus Christ. I wrote this poem for him.

I’m turning 8 this year
Mom and Dad have great cheer

I’ve learned to walk
I’ve learned to run
I’ve learned to fall
I’ve learned life is fun

I’m going to be 8 this year
The next step is so clear

You taught me to read
You taught me to write
You taught me to believe
You taught me what’s right.

I’m excited to be 8 this year
Please don’t shed a tear

I know God lives
I know  God cares
I know God loves me
I know I’m prepared

So when I turn 8 this year
I’ll take the step there is no fear

I’ll walk in God’s path
I’ll follow God’s light
I’ll go and be baptized

I’ll be confirmed in white. . 


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