Little Yogi

Here is another version of my yoga pose poem. This one is titled "Little Yogi"

I start with standing tall as a mountain
reminding  me to be still and not shrink.
It is time to start my practice drink from this fountain. 

Then I move to be a triangle, one that I create
I take my body and notice shapes around me
Naturally born from mother earth upon these I meditate

I jump to be all the Warriors one, two and three. 
Each one is a challenge but I calm my face and remember
I am able to conquer all hard things that come to me. 

Downward dog makes me laugh as my dog joins in this pose
We both stretch from the ground to the sky
And I love to take time to smell a rose. 

I become a downward tree by coming up to a handstand. 
I extend my arms away and I see the world upside down
Now I feel invincible upon all the land.  

Next balance like a boat on the water, legs in the air
Be still in my practice, still in my mind don't waiver, 
Don’t overturn my little boat keep afloat stay up there.

Sit up straight, legs stretched out my toes to see
I raise my arms and lift my chest
Take big breaths in and out free to breathe free to be. 

I bind my feet with my hands see my knees press to the ground
They remind me of a butterfly that goes through changes
And lives it life meaningfully without making a sound.

Upside down again I go, this time a candle I become
Trying to calm the flickering flame my legs appear to be
I press my arms down lift my body up and answer the sky’s beacon, come. 

I close my practice on my back, lying on the floor. 
Arms to the side quiet, I remember my poses

My yoga today seems to small, but helps my mind to soar. 


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