Need kids to meditate? Try this

As part of yoga we meditate. I wrote this to help my kids learn a form of meditation.

Dogi duke stands at the front of the class
Today we are going to sit on the  grass
We will cross our legs to let our minds fly
To teach them to calm and how to soar high

Close your eyes and soften the face 
Sit tall from your head down to your base
Relax the neck and take the shoulders down
And do not worry if you have a frown

Gather your thoughts and Relax your mind, 
then let it be empty so your ready to find
A peaceful place one to explore, 
As you breathe in be ready for more 

As you begin see a light grow
Look around what do you know?
Are there lots of colors to fill your sight
Or is it all just  black and white?

Do the colors form shapes, as they come into sight?
Are they round, solid, or fuzzy, and light?
The breeze that throws your hair back To play, 
does it dance? Does it whisper? What does it say?

Did you catch the scent that flew on the breeze,
Lavender, mint, or maybe the seas?
Can you follow the scent to where it goes
Over, and under you follow your nose,

A flower, or tree, or sand and the waves. 
Something to touch, something to save?
Can you taste it? Maybe your hungry by now, 
Our noses can always find food somehow. 

Now this place is established in view
You feel its calmness through and through
Do you see anyone else coming into your place
Anyone to greet, that can share the space?

Embracing the each moment of calm and repose
Now you hear a voice that you know and suppose
You stop to remember the scene and hear, 
 “Count to three and bring your draw your thoughts near”

Feeling you breathe and legs on the floor
You start to sense where you are once more
Your in Dogi Duke’s class, and you just slipped away
On an amazing trip you can see everyday. 


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