The best yoga pose

What is the best yoga pose?

Well that depends, what do you want to accomplish? Do you want to de- stress from the day? Do you want to feel empowered? Why are you practicing at this time? Because, every yoga pose could be the best. So find what is your reason for practicing that day and ask what pose will bring that awareness that emotion to your body.
 Let me explain.

When I was pregnant and had sciatica down both legs, Adho Mukha Svanasana (downward facing dog) was the best pose for me because it lengthened my torso and when I did it on the Yoga Wall, I had amazing traction as well. I loved this pose.

When I was in training to become a teacher, Utthita Trickonasana was the best yoga pose. It is a foundational pose that should be done in most classes, and though it looks easy there are so many subtleties that can be worked on. Being able to know these little adjustments and show them in the pose helped me show my Senior Iyengar Teachers that I was qualified to be an Instructor.

What if you want to feel empowered?
Go upside down. You can do a handstand against a wall. This pose is very heated, it is a great empowerment pose allowing you to say, “I can do a handstand, I can do anything!” And yes I tell me children that. If you want to boost a child’s self confidence, help them into a handstand and watch their faces glow.


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