Patience is a virtue

Patience, a Christlike attribute that is a talent for some, and not present in others. I am in the  former category. One of my OCD's is "need to know" which means I get anxious when I do not know the answer to something.

  • Think I broke my toe? At the Dr's in about 3- minutes. 
  • Oh a kid's fever is really high? Urgent care stat. 
  • New blog post went up, did anyone read it? Check it a few times a day. 
  • Maybe a vacation? Look up destinations, dates, and prices that day. 
  • Alarm system may reduce cost of insurance? Look up cost to set one up stat. 
It may not seem like that big of a problem, and really compared to my other OCD symptoms it is not too bad. More entertaining than anything. But I know my poor husband has had to learn to deal with it. 

These past few months I have been forced to work on my patience. 

  • I am trying to prepare to go to PhD school. I had to wait till August to take some pre- requisite courses, and then learned I need to wait about a year so I can get some needed Research experience.... great. 
  • I submitted my Siblings Yoga poem to be published, it takes about 4 months to get a response. I have been checking my email religiously multiple times a day, and just sent them an email checking what email address they will be sending the response from.
  • My dog may have cancer or valley fever. I have called the vet everyday (3 days now) asking if they have received results. 
I do not think I have learned my lesson, yoga and meditation are helpful, but I have not fully utilized them. I should probably add a relaxation sequence to my daily sequences, to help calm my brain. 


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