Monday, October 21, 2019

Tender Mercies and miracles

Today was an amazing day to be a mom. Seriously, I felt like I had a glimpse of what I want my family to be.

It started with a brief explanation of tithing, followed by my son's desire to set aside the tithing money now.

While he could not find his wallet he searched... and I mean searched (not typical) I asked him what we could do to help in our search, and he answered "pray" we knelt down and he offered a simple, humble prayer of hope.

We then discussed for a minute how to feel inspirations of the Holy Ghost. I told him to follow those promptings.

After a while of continually searching the house I was ready to give it a break, but he told me, "I keep thinking about the kitchen" so we both went into the kitchen again. Maybe the 3rd or 4th time. I lifted some cupcakes that I placed earlier, and I had uncovered his wallet.

I asked him what we should do next, and told him we need to pray to Heavenly Father to thank him for this blessing. He stopped what he was doing and offered a simple prayer of thanksgiving. My heart was so full of joy. I can teach my son about the power of prayer.

He then set aside his money for tithing, and asked if we could go to Target. I did not think he had all the money he wanted so I invited him to do a few chores around the house to earn the rest. He agreed and very amiably went about doing the easiest chores he could think of.

We got to target, and he wanted more than he had money for, so I told him if he did more chores then he could have it. He promised and agreed to the chore list. Emma then piped in and asked if she did chores could she get a toy too. I told him yes and explained what chores I wanted them to do.

They each had 3 chores, 1 easy and 2 harder. Daniel went to work very well and had minimal complaining. Emma too, there were no fights as Michael happily played with his birthday gifts, and Daniel completed all of his chores before dinner time- yes I helped them. Emma has one more to do till she gets her toy, but she worked hard and will continue to work to receive her reward.

This is not how I had anticipated giving money for chores, but I see how I have the opportunity to teach good work skills and the benefits of labor that is not enjoyed by all.
Happy 3rd birthday to this guy! These are the next set of glasses he wants!

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