As many know I have had a rough time medically. Changing medicine has had different impacts on me. One annoying thing I have been dealing with is weight. In about 4 months I gained 35 pounds. This is a lot for me, and something I have really struggled with mentally, because there is nothing I can do to lose the weight. As my psychiatrist told me, this may be where my body is happy. That statement was hard to take.

As I have continued to deal with my weight gain, and desire to not buy new clothes- because that admits I really weigh this now, I have had some other awkward moments. Like yoga students and random people at the gym asking how far along I am.... I’ve had 3 or 4 people in 1 month asking if I was pregnant. Not the happiest days, but I took it and kindly told them I was not pregnant. 

Learning to love my body as it is, and not what it was has been a struggle. But today, while listening to General Conference and doing yoga (great combination by the way) I had a little personal revelation about my body. 

My body is different, it feels different and moves different from 10 months ago. How I remember poses feeling don’t feel the same. That is when I realized I need to embrace this, and learn in this situation. Learn about how I can become a better teacher now. How I can be a great teacher that hey, well sorry is not skinny or pregnant. I can embody the truth that yoga is for everyone and not just the fit- and I will teach through this knowledge. 


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