Monday, November 4, 2019

Out for a walk

Image result for yoga pose lizard on rockJoe went for a walk to go to the tip top,
when he saw a lizard standing on a rock. 
The lizard just lay basking in the sun 
slowed Joe down, no longer in a run. 

As he passed the trees, he saw their limbs move
dancing in the breeze where an eagle was too. 
The eagle sat and looked clear far ahead
Image result for yoga pose tree poseJoe stopped and turned to see the meadows spread. 

Joe continued on his walk and found a dog asleep
As Joe walked by the dog leaped to its feet.
Stretching down the dog bowed to the earth
Then extending up like  a new rebirth. 

Amazed he continued walking to the top
actively looking for something more
then on a flower, a butterfly lay
drinking some nectar in the sun's rays

Image result for yoga pose eagle poseNow carefully moving not to miss a thing
Crouching down he saw a slithery snake
moving ever so slowly so not to shake
he sat there until his back did ache. 

Up near the top there was a mountain lake
Full of fresh and clear water
As he looked down he saw a sunfish
Image result for yoga pose down dog
Moving its tail in a little swish-swish

Laying down on the ground he looked at the sky
he let his mind try to find whats common
in the nature where he saw
wonder and beauty that left him in awe.
Image result for yoga pose up dog

Image result for yoga pose butterfly
Image result for yoga pose snake
Image result for yoga pose fish

Image result for yoga pose corpse


  1. Good rhythm! List your poses to go with them. Thanks for sharing!

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