Tuesday, November 5, 2019

School days

I'm trying to expand the perspective of my poems. This one is a personal poem to my 6th grade year. I had just moved to a new town, and was unsure how to make new friends, the friends I thought I had found decided they didn't want to be friends with me anymore. This left me quite confused and unsure of what to do at school.

This is my poem to that little girl who is left to defend herself from the world, and how with a challenge your world can change in amazing ways.

Starting her day in an upbeat way
Sarah took her nose to the floor
I will never be right, but that's alright
I will learn to do more. 

Sarah went to school where kids were cruel
They mocked her hair and dress
That's alright I’ll be bright
And find those I can bless. 

In her class Todd gave her some sass
And wondered how she could get along
She was contrite and will be alright
And sang a joyful song.

Out by her own at recess she roams
To find a friendly hand
It was not right alone she would fight
The evil horned band. 

Come what may, and I will say
Hello to this discouraging horde. 
Would it be right to extend a slight
Gift of kindness towards?

Stopped in their tracks they taken aback
What could this offer mean
Could they just might be kind to her plight
 And abort their planned scene?

Seeing their pause there she was
Surrounded by dozens more now
They looked to their left quite bereft
And she said this I will allow

I want you to be my friend where we can mend
Like threads joined together
Let my bite become your light
As we join as birds of a feather. 

All who saw were now in awe
At her boldness to this crowd
The leader stood slight not just sure quite
How to answer this out loud. 

Sucking some air he did fare
To answer her sentence to them
“You are despite our tries to  blight
The brightest and rarest gem. 

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