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So having my book turned down hit me really hard. Mentally I was really vulnerable, and physically I pushed myself beyond my limits. My backbending? Ya- totally hurt my back. I am still not fully recovered from it that is what 2 months later? It is doing much better now.

After LA I turned my sight to finding a job. I still write some poems, but not as frequently, and I looked to new areas for fulfillment. I have applied for all of the jobs I am qualified for and daily look for more. I daily look at the place I volunteer at, B-GLAD, to see if they are finally hiring in Bakersfield again. I think I have applied to 2 or 3 of their positions.

As weeks rolled by it started to get closer to ASL Junction's Christmas Event. If anyone knows Lisa Hampton you know this is her favorite event of the year. We baked 300 individual gingerbread men, cut strings for them, and had all little accessories to put on them, ready at the Library to go along with their Gingerbread house event. To make it e…