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LENT : Fasting and Consecration

Lent is here. No I am not catholic, but my in-laws are. During my mission I started participating in Lent, as a way to prepare for the Easter season. My mission president was so kind and helped explain the difference between fasting, and consecrating. It is a lesson that to this day I will never forget, and I am starting to see the Catholics realize themselves.

Law of the Fast
- For those who are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints we do this once a month. Or we do it on special occasions when we are pleading our case to Heavenly Father, it is a time of prayer and meditation. It is a great and a holy time. To me, and I can be wrong, and if I am please go ahead and inform me, fasting gives us a chance to repent. It is not repenting, but as we place physical animals on the alter to be sacrificed in our stead, we put tangible things; food, water, or chocolate, and alcohol or Catholics, aside for a certain time.This year for Lent Catholics are being encouraged to giv…