Books in Progress

I currently have 5 children's stories that I am working on at this time. They are all in different places in terms of progress, but they are all special to me. 

My books are based around a mixed family of five. A mom and dad who have an African- American son (Joe, 8), adopted Latina daughter (Vera, 6), and are fostering a boy whose vision continues to get worse (Sam, 3). 

Sibling Yoga-Scram Sam (still working on the title)

Joe and Vera try to do yoga while Sam gets in the way of their practice. 

Epic Day

Sam gets to go to his first day of preschool with other friends. He is excited and scared. 


Joe is mad, he can't play. Then he gets an idea to go on a hike. The animals around him help him manage his emotions as they teach him yoga. 

Dear God, About my Birthday,

Vera is getting old enough to be baptized. She is excited and wants to show God that she is ready for this big step. 


My last story is about Kirtland, Ohio- not about my family. 

City of Faith

Kirtland retells it's own history, how it went from a small settler town to a large thriving city in a matter of months to a year, and then back to a small town. Kirtland tells you what happened while the people were there, and why they left. 

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